Friday, August 30, 2013

String Calculator Kata in Clojure (Emacs)

In the previous post I have been evaluating Light Table's instarepl using the String Calculator kata. Performing code katas is great way to improve one's workflow so this time I tried to do the same kata using the Emacs. You can see recorded screencast below.

In order to get quicker feedback I had to modify the clojure-test-mode to display test failures right inside current Clojure buffer. Fortunately Brian Marick already implemented this for the midje-mode so I just reused parts of his code. I'll probably send pull request to clojure-test-mode when I implement it correctly. You can find the code which I'm currently using in my dotfiles repository. It's really great that one can easily extend/modify Emacs to match his needs.

Due to my familiarity with Emacs/Evil I managed to do more stuff in 9 minutes so the resulting code is little bit cleaner than in the previous screencast. Also thanks to the ace-jump-mode I didn't have to touch the mouse at all.

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